Bijay Agarwal

MD, Salarpuria Sattva Group

Millenium Marbles supplies the best quality, reliable and innovative products and we are glad to  be associated with them. Their business is professionally managed with exemplary systems and standards of production and supply. They have  always delivered the best quality products on time. This reliability is crucial to our business. I wish them the very best in the future.

Mr. Harshavardhana

Chief Architect of HAIED

I am exceedingly fascinated with exorbitant attention that Dear Mr. Rajendra Agarwal ji has rendered to comprehensive details thus making Millennium Marbles the Finest & the Ultimate Marble & Granite destination in [South] India. Mr. Rajendra Agarwal Ji wisely, aptly & creatively captioned his trade which was incepted in 2000 AD, an epic year which dawned this millennium as - 'Millennium Marbles'.

Karan Chandrashekar

MD, Karan Properties

Millennium has a rich history in the Marble and Granite space and their products and service is a true testament to that experience and history. Their vast range of Marble and Granite products rarely leaves one disappointed. The company management has a blend of Experience and youthful exuberance. My association with the firm has been very positive and I look forward to future association.

Mr. Deepak Bajaj

I always enjoy working with Millenium Marbles. Together we have achieved numerous on time projects. I see them as an enormous supply chain with automated processing, good quality products, and a very efficient group which is now managed by young directors. It's the best in Silvassa.

Devanshi Prabhu

Principal Architect, Lotus Group, Mumbai

Millenium Marbles being a pioneer in the stone industry has proved that they are worthy of each and everything they proclaim to be as a company. Supply, discovering new stones every year and a very strong client service and relationship is their strength which stood out the most.

Vikas Sabarwal

Principal Architect, IV Partners

I always look up to Millenium Marbles for my projects. The wide variety of options they provide along with correct information and support makes my life as an architect very enjoyable.

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